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Good Tuesday morning to you!

Jolene and I have a large evergreen tree in our backyard that has seen better days. As we ponder about when to put it to rest and what to put in its place, we have contemplated about installing a chicken coop and raising a few hens. Some people think it’s a great idea. Most think it’s insane. Those closest to us say we are, well, chicken. Like most things in life, talking about doing this is easy. Doing it is another thing.

We have some friends who thoroughly enjoy their feathered friends — and their tasty eggs. Todd and Kris Miler find great peace with their chickens in rural Madison County, and Dan and Laura Juffer’s flock brings them a bit of urban farming to their home in Adel. Time will tell for us, as I struggle to get past all those Foghorn Leghorn quips. Meanwhile, I came across an insightful piece about what we can learn from chickens from www.urbanoveralls.net that you might enjoy. Here are a few of the lessons shared there:

1. Get out and enjoy the outdoors on nice days. Snow, cold, and rain may limit outdoor adventures.
2. Eat your vegetables when they are in season. Nothing tastes better than when they are at the peak of ripeness (or when you snitch them out of the garden when you think no one is looking).
3. Don’t be afraid to wander away from the flock. You just may find the biggest grubs by yourself.
4. Even if you can’t fly, don’t be afraid to stretch your wings. You just may get off the ground after all.
5. Hold your ground. Stake your claim in your favorite nest box and don’t leave until you're ready regardless of how many others try to force you out.
6. Listen to the squawk of others. There really may be a hawk flying overhead.
7. Share your spa time with others. A good dust bath is really more fun with the rest of the flock.
8. Let folks know when you are happy and content. It’s OK to trill out loud.
9. You don’t have to have a large McMansion to be happy. Your small, urban coop is adorable, comfortable, and it is a wonderful home.
10. Be proud of your achievements. Go ahead and sing that egg song nice and loud.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

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Another hot one today with storm chances by the evening. The heat sticks around in your forecast through the first day of the Fair, with slight rain chances Thursday and again on a cooler Friday.

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John Richardson is a singer/songwriter/guitarist living in Coon Rapids, Iowa. He sings and plays guitar and bass at local venues and events featuring Folk/Country/Gospel/Rock music. John has written more than 500 songs over the years with themes focusing on the experiences of living in Iowa; a love of rural life, the seasons and human relationships. www.center.iastate.edu
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FROM KCCI: Blank Children's Hospital suspends elective surgeries due to 'high census'

DES MOINES, Iowa — Blank Children’s Hospital confirmed it will temporarily suspend all elective surgeries due to "high census," or a high number of patients. Officials with Blank Children’s Hospital confirmed to KCCI that the hospital remains full, resulting in delayed elective surgeries. ... READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV 13: Dispute between Iowa men tied to shooting death and attempted murder in Ringgold County, officials say

RINGGOLD COUNTY, Iowa — An Iowa man was arrested for attempted murder in Ringgold County Sunday night, tied to a dispute with another man who led police on a chase and fatally shot himself that same evening, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said.  READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Beaverdale Fall Festival postpones 2021 celebrations citing increasing COVID-19 transmission, budget concerns

DES MOINES, Iowa — One central Iowa event announced it has postponed its plans to 2022 due to rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases in the state.  The Beaverdale Fall Festival will not go on this year due to the increasing number of virus cases as well, plus financial implications. This year's festival was supposed to be held on Sept. 17 and 18.... READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

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Stand-up comic collects comics: Dan Umthun excels at finding and accumulating action figures and comic books.

By Jeff Pitts

“When I was 8, I brought a Superman figure with me to Grandma’s farm house in Eagle Grove. A calf jumped a fence and started running towards town. My dad and uncles managed to catch, calm and corral her, but I had decided to help.”

Bringing Superman along for moral support turned out to be a mistake.

“At some point, I dropped him in a pasture,” Umthun continues. “When we sold the farmhouse a few years ago, I gave the pasture another once over. Maybe someday in the far future someone will find a little kid’s treasure, an icon of truth and justice, appropriately in a field in the heartland.”


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In the 1800s, the large number of horses required for farming consumed a lot of grain. Starting in the 1860s, farmers began threshing grain to feed those horses with a cousin of the "iron horse" — a steam tractor. The large 60 foot belt provides power from the tractor to a threshing machine which separates the grain from the shaft. Portable steam engines increased daily production of oat and wheat threshing by a hundred times. Grain Harvest Day at Living History Farms. Photo by Paul Houston.

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