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Good Tuesday morning to you!

We have become much less patient as a society. Be put on hold for 30 seconds on a phone call, and there will be hell to pay. Wait in line for more than 4 minutes in a drive-through restaurant, and the cancel culture begins. And heaven forbid that someone doesn’t respond to your Snapchat message in 60 seconds or less. If patience is a virtue, we are not very virtuous. All this plays into the recent discussion about voting. For most of us, voting is a right, but it is also a privilege — and one that we should be more patient about. How long is too long to wait in line to vote? One hour? Fifteen minutes? Twenty seconds? Is there a magic number that we must meet, like delivering a pizza in 30 minutes or less? Let’s agree on what that is, and then let’s make sure everyone who wants to vote can do so in that timeframe by having enough polling places. In the meantime, we could all benefit by following the advice of Jedi Master Yoda when he said, “ Patience, young padawan. Worth it will be."

Have a terrific Tuesday, and, as always, thanks for reading.


Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
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Tuesday History Tidbit


March 9: Barbie Doll Debuts

Did you know: "Barbie’s appearance was modeled on a doll named Lilli, based on a German comic strip character. Originally marketed as a racy gag gift to adult men in tobacco shops, the Lilli doll later became extremely popular with children."



Des Moines Weather
Sunny. High of 70. Low of 57. The wind is going to pick up in the afternoon. Night time will probably bring showers and possibly some thunder overnight.
The Score
Boys State Basketball Tournament
Winners: Aplington-Parkersburg, Boyden-Hull, Grandview Christian, Montezuma, Martinsdale-St Marys, North Linn
A.M. Headlines

FROM KCCI: Trial begins for Des Moines Register reporter arrested while covering protest

DES MOINES, Iowa — The trial of a Des Moines Register reporter arrested while covering George Floyd protests in 2020 began Monday following jury selection. Des Moines police arrested and charged reporter Andrea Sahouri with failure to disperse and interference with official acts outside a Verizon Wireless during May 31 protests near Merle Hay Mall. READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV 13: Governor Reynolds Signs New Voting Restrictions into Law

DES MOINES, IOWA — Governor Kim Reynolds has signed off on a new law that will limit early voting and Election Day voting hours. The measure was approved four months after Iowa set a voter turnout record in the 2020 elections. Senate File 413 decreases early voting in Iowa from 29 days to 20 days. Four years ago Iowa had early voting available 40 days before Election Day. Voting will now end at 8:00 pm on Election Day, one hour earlier than previous.  READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Metro therapist says new CDC guidance gives hope to families, grandparents

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Ramona Wink said her appointment books filled rapidly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. "The past year has been an explosion of mental health situations," said Wink, a licensed mental health counselor at 515 Therapy & Consulting in West Des Moines. "People realized they need help and support during this very difficult time."… READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines 2021

Nearly 14,000 votes were cast in the 2021 CITYVIEW Best Of Des Moines readers’ poll. CITYVIEW readers have voted:

Best West Side Bar

1. Shotgun Betty’s
2. Tonic
3. Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop


Read more

Meet Annette Jauron: Going from teacher to leader

When Annette Jauron looks back at her nearly 30 years in education, she has her father to thank for guiding that path.
“I didn’t have a plan when I went to college,” she explains. “I selected UNI because a good friend had completed a year there and said I would like it.”
Jauron says science interested her, but it wasn’t until her father suggested teaching that she decided to enroll in some education courses her sophomore year. That bit of advice led her to where she is today as director of teaching and learning for the Indianola School District.


Read more
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Virtual options available.
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Learn from one of the first scientists to use robots and submarines to explore the deep sea floor, a team of ghostbusters, a geoscientist, analog astronaut, space artist, speaker and solar system ambassador and many more experts on incredible subjects.

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