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3-17-2020 BiWeekly eNewsletter of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association
Equipment News



As I returned from the Cayman Islands this past Saturday, so much had changed in such a short period of time. All of us are venturing into unchartered waters while navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly, we want to do our part in keeping this virus from spreading while simultaneously serving you. This requires us to adopt new approaches as events continue to evolve.  


INEDA is well-equipped and positioned to operate remotely, which is what we have chosen to do at this time. Staff has full access to email, files and information to serve your needs, answer your questions and respond to your issues, regardless of where they are located. Whenever possible, we plan to minimize face-to-face contact with you, our vendors and legislative personnel to do our part in helping our communities, states and nation do what’s necessary to slow the escalation of this pandemic.  


Thank you for your membership and ongoing support as we move forward during these challenging times.  


Mark Hennessey

Chief Executive Officer


Coronavirus Protection in the Workplace

A new OSHA guidance document on COVID-19 provides general practices to help prevent worker exposure to coronavirus. [More]



Iowa Manufacturing Gets Some Good News – But Trade, International Concerns Temper Optimism – Des Moines Register

A major equipment manufacturer with operations in Iowa sees signs the agricultural economy is steadying, though it doesn’t expect farmers to start buying more tractors, combines and sprayers this year. [More]


Indigo Ag Forms Data Integration Agreement with John Deere Operations Center – Indigo Ag

By connecting to the John Deere Operations Center, Indigo enhances its ability to deliver agronomic advice, carbon credits, and crop premiums to growers across the U.S. [More]


Contribution to U.S. Economy by Equipment Manufacturers Grows – AEM

Equipment manufacturers now support 2.8 million jobs, according to a new report released by the AEM this week and contribute $288 billion dollars a year to the U.S. economy. [More]


Art’s Way CEO to Step Down; Transition Plan Announced – Precision Ag Technology

Art's Way Manufacturing Co. recently announced an anticipated chief executive officer transition from Carrie Gunnerson to David King, to occur in the third quarter of 2020. [More]




From Steam to Diesel to...What? Projecting What Will Power the Equipment of Tomorrow – AEM

As equipment manufacturers look toward the future and consider what’s ahead for the industry and the markets they serve, one question – perhaps above all others – should weigh heavily on their minds: Because of the effects climate change is having on the world, how will OEMs power the equipment of tomorrow? [More]


Prospects for Rising Ag Exports Raises Farmers’ Optimism – Farm Equipment

Farmer’s perception of an improving ag economy going forward could be laying the groundwork for increased capital investments in the year ahead, according to the results of the Purdue University-CME monthly farmer survey. [More]


Chance of Trade War Payments ‘Less Than 10%’ – Successful Farming

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said the odds of a multibillion-dollar round of trade war payments to farmers this year are “less than 10%,” although a senior lawmaker said the payments may be “absolutely vital” for survival in the Farm Belt. [More]


Robot Umpires to Robot Tractors: Similarities Run Deep Between Baseball and Agriculture – Precision Ag

You could argue that agriculture is just as American as baseball. With long histories that date back centuries, each can make a strong case as the true national pastime. Fans of both will also point to a number of interesting parallels that can be drawn between the two, from the cinematic to the automatic. [More]


$900 M Invested in Rural Electric Infrastructure – Farm Progress

USDA providing money to build and improve 2,743 miles of transmission line. [More]













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