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Issue 44 | October 2020
The True Measure of a Ship and Crew Is How Well They Navigate Storms – Not How They
Do In Calm Seas
By Robert Riley, Jr., Chairman of the Board
Well, after what seems like 1,000 days of self-isolation, I can reflect on the past few months with a feeling of “Deja-vu” on all of the crises we are having now and compare the present to situations that have happened over the years I have been in business. Situations that require a pivot or require us to reach down deep into our character and pull up the best of our capabilities, our resolve, our innovation. The Storms of life.

Covid-19 hit us with a simultaneous collapse of the stock markets and the accompanying economic collapse. At the same time we had the effects of an “oil war” between Russia and Saudi Arabia and the effects of our Trade Wars with China and other countries. Combined, those events hit us with such force that it stopped us in our tracks.
Now For Some Encouraging News
By Chris Snyder, CEO

As we enter the final four months of what has been a challenging disruptive year for all of us, I want to share some encouraging news.

In 2019 the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research awarded Pipestone Applied Research a grant to do research on the prevention of swine viruses in animal feed. The study was done at the Pipestone Applied Research facility in Pipestone, Minnesota.

Headed by Dr. Scott Dee, veterinarian and researcher with Pipestone Veterinary Services, the research team tested feed additives and disease mitigants on their ability to neutralize Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) and Seneca Valley A (SVA).

Some Things You May Not
Know About Feed Energy’s All Veg 4000

By Cal Halstead, Account Manager

As we all know, Feed Energy’s All Veg 4000 is an excellent feed ingredient. The high caloric benefits of All Veg 4000 works well for turkeys, laying hens, broiler feeds and swine. It also makes an ideal ingredient in the formulation of the products for lick tubs for cattle. Hence the name FEED Energy - our products are well known to our feed customers.

However, what you may not know, a variation of all Veg 4000 is the basis for some well-known crop oils. Our oil contributes unique surfactant properties to the mix for farmers spraying herbicides and pesticides on their crops. The oil helps to make the water-based mixture stickier and enables it to penetrate the plant better.

“Strive to Survive” – Good Advice in
These Times

In times of uncertainty talking to someone who has been through challenging times can be comforting. Who is better qualified than Pete Hermanson? Pete has 88 years of life experiences and the fourth generation of the family to work and run Woodland Farms – a 150 year-old legacy farm south of Story City.

Pete said his Great Grandfather, Peter, purchased the original 60 acres in 1871. According to family history, Peter had planned to move his family to Kansas, but decided to stay in Iowa after some of his children came down with scarlet fever. How’s that for irony? That small subsistence farm providing food and shelter for Peter’s family evolved and grew to become what is today one of the oldest and most respected farms in Iowa.


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Pete Hermanson

Meet Glen Burgett – Feed Energy’s Astounding Customer Service Manager

You only have to talk to Glen Burgett one time to realize he must have a military background. Every conversation I’ve had with Glen ends with a “Yes, Sir” or “Thank you, Sir”.

He was born and raised on the south side of Des Moines. His dad was in the military and stationed all over the world, so Glen spent most of his time living with his grandparents.

After graduating from Lincoln High, Glen became the fourth generation in his family to be a truck driver. He drove a tractor trailer loaded with soybean and corn from Iowa up to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. After driving truck for two years he decided to follow in his Father’s footsteps and joined the Army in May of ‘92. 

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