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underwear or socks

“What do you want for your birthday, Dad?”

That’s a question I receive from my kids this time of year. And, each year, I give them the same answer: “How about undershirts, underwear or socks?”

“That’s really boring,” they reply in unison. To which I say, “But that’s what I want.”

Then they buy me something more fun — like a remote-controlled toy truck — and I go out shopping for undershirts, underwear and socks.

I used to buy my dad undershirts, underwear and socks. Well, actually my mom bought them for me to give to him. Regardless, he seemed to appreciate them, and I am starting to understand why. The older I get, the less I like to shop… for anything. But there are some things a guy just has to have. Like undershirts, underwear and socks.

Men used to receive neckties for their birthdays and Father’s Day, but who wears neckties today? If you do, let me know. I have dozens of them that you can have. Or maybe we can work out a trade — for undershirts, underwear or socks. Not used ones, of course. I am thrifty, but not that thrifty.

Maybe if I did wear neckties, you wouldn’t be able to see my dingy undershirts. And then I wouldn’t have to buy undershirts, underwear or socks so often. Or maybe I will just get what I really want for my birthday this year, which is, of course, another remote-controlled toy truck.

See you out shopping — for undershirts, underwear and socks.

Thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher shane@dmcityview.com
515-953-4822, ext. 305

Seen Around Town

Jeff Shugart and Doug Kumm at the Urbandale Education Foundation Alumni Golf Tournament held at Hyperion Field Club on June 29.


Trail closed near Douglas roundabout

The trail near Walnut Creek from Douglas Parkway to 142nd Street is closed as a contractor works to install some pipe in that area. Construction will take another week or so, weather permitting, and there are signs and construction fencing to alert trail users to the closure.

Urbandale Chamber introduces new events and marketing coordinator

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce has hired Anna Wisnieski as the events and marketing coordinator. Her role focuses on the planning, marketing and execution of all UCC events in addition to overseeing the genYP program. She will also support the Urbandale Chamber’s mission to serve, protect, promote, and provide resources and access to a rich network to promote economic prosperity throughout Central Iowa.

Wisnieski previously worked in commercial real estate management as a property management coordinator. She says she enjoys working with people and forming genuine connections throughout her community. She was born and raised in the Des Moines area and attended Dowling Catholic High School. Following high school, she went to Iowa State University and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Event Management in the fall of 2018. Outside of work, she enjoys playing volleyball, being creative in any way and hanging out with her family, friends and dog, Sadie.  

“I am so excited to join a team full of fun, hard-working professionals that care so much about the community they serve,” she says.

Battle of the ’Burbs run upcoming

The competition is fierce, but every ’burb wins at the Battle of the ’Burbs Saturday, Aug. 7. After a record-setting registration for the Battle of the ’Burbs 5K, 10K and Kids Fun Run in 2019, organizers are gearing up for a fun-filled rematch between the participating suburbs: Clive (defending champion), Johnston, Urbandale. Waukee, West Des Moines. Choose your community when you register — or choose “all of the above.” 100% of all registration fees will go to nonprofits and community improvement projects. The city with the most participants wins bragging rights and a WWE-style belt traveling trophy. Register online at https://runsignup.com/battle.

Library fun in the sun

Enjoy stories, songs, and family fun every Tuesday at 10 a.m. and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at a different Urbandale Park each week through Aug. 12. Visit www.urbandalelibrary.org for the location schedule.

Overall Buddies Music will be at Gabus Park, on the south side of library, July 21, 10 a.m. This event is for families. Join in the fun as participants sing, dance, clap, stomp, hug and learn ASL with music by Lori Lynn Ahrends.

The Mikayla Oz Magic Show will be outside July 30, 10 a.m., at Gabus Park, on the south side of Library. Enjoy a funny, interactive magic show featuring an appearance by Bubbles, a real, highly trained magic bird. This event is for families.

View all the library programs by visiting www.urbandalelibrary.org to find the online calendar and register or call the library at 515-278-3945.

Sports Schedules:

Friday, July 16, 2021
Baseball: Varsity Substate Tournament vs. Cedar Falls @ Urbandale High School Barton Field

Monday, July 19, 2021
Time TBD
Baseball: Varsity Substate Tournament vs. TBA @ TBA

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Time TBD
Varsity Substate Tournament vs. TBA @ TBA

Joke of the week:

What did the duck say when it bought a lipstick?

Put it on my bill!

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This month's cover story: 

On the same page

Residents’ passion for book clubs is about more than good reads.
By Darren Tromblay
Read any good books lately?

For the approximately 5 million Americans who belong to book clubs, the answer is sure to be a resounding, “Yes!” Book clubs have been gaining in popularity as more people discover the pleasure of gathering to discuss a common book, express opinions, socialize and, usually, eat. As local residents express, book clubs are about more than sharing a good read — they are about meaningful conversation, new ideas, camaraderie, relaxation and laughs. While each book club has its own character — and group of characters — they share a simple truth: Books bring people together.


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Meet Allison Fisher

Brings nursing career back to Urbandale

By TK West

Allison Fisher, an Urbandale native, not only enjoyed her high school science courses but also had some personal experiences that led her to pursue a career in nursing. She graduated from the University of Iowa and began her career at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. She worked on a medical and surgical pediatric unit until she returned to the Des Moines metro in 2018.

“I will never forget sitting at the nurse's station and watching the first ‘wave.’ My patient's adolescent brother started jumping up and down and squealing with joy when the whole stadium turned and acknowledged them for the first time. We had no idea what a fun, special tradition it would be,” Fisher says.


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The perfect summertime pie

Summer is the time to relax, refresh and indulge in sweet and heavenly treats. While you’re lounging poolside and watching the kids play, enjoy a cool, creamy and absolutely divine dessert that’s perfect on a hot day.

This luscious coconut key lime cream pie has a smooth texture with toasted shredded coconut on top. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and will leave your taste buds wanting more as soon as you take your first bite.

Fresh out of the refrigerator, it’s ideal for everyone to share on those days when it’s just too warm outside to not have a chilled snack.

Topped with lime zest and maraschino cherries, visually, this pie is a winner with fun pops of color that will leave your mouth watering.


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