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Which Comes First – Healthy Soil or Clean Water?

On January 29, 2021, Feed Energy’s Chairman of the Board, Bob Riley, along with Dr. Michele Soupir, Ph.D. Professor in ABE, Land and Water Resources Engineering, Iowa State University were on an Iowa Poultry Association Podcast entitled – “Which Comes First - Healthy Soil or Clean Water.”

Bob pointed out that in many of our agriculture circles we have some “weak links” and we have to create policies and practices to fix those links and make our chain strong again. He said it’s a complex system “glued together” so it’s not surprising there are some areas that need work.

Bob Riley Believes Expanding Access to Broadband in Rural Iowa Should Be Just One of Several Priorities

During her January 13th Condition of the State Address, Governor Reynolds listed as one of her top priorities for 2021 was a $450 million investment in Iowa for rural broadband expansion. Reynolds said her goal was to ensure all of Iowa would have affordable high-speed broadband internet by 2025.

Bob Riley, Feed Energy Chairman of the Board, responded to Reynolds’ address in his Feb 2nd Des Moines Register editorial “Rural Iowa needs better broadband access, but that alone won’t lead to a revival”.

A Candid Conversation with Dr. Eric Weaver
from Feed Energy
From the February Sioux Nation Podcast with Dr. Jake Geis
Dr. Jake: I welcome Eric Weaver, Director of Sales and Marketing at Feed Energy. Tell me a little bit about Feed Energy.
Eric: Feed Energy is a family held company established about 30 years ago by Bob Riley, our Chairman of the Board. FE focuses on lipids – mainly fats and oils. We are always researching lipid based materials from various parts of the industry to further refine them into ingredients that are fed to pigs, layers, turkeys and cattle to enhance their performance.
Meet Feed Energy CFO Jeff Hardie
Chris Snyder, Feed Energy CEO, announced in January Jeff Hardie was named the Chief Financial Officer for Feed Energy. Chris said, “Jeff brings a diverse background in finance, operations and strategic development to Feed Energy. I look forward to working with Jeff as we continue to grow the company and expand our product lines.”
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Meet Feed Energy Board of Director
Robin Sampson
Robin was raised on a small farm in Temperance, Michigan. Her dad worked in the grain business along with a small farming and livestock operation. Robin would go to work with him on Saturday mornings and was amazed by the commodity markets, as well as, the buying and selling of grain at the local elevator. She knew from the age of 10 that she wanted to be in the grain business.
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Feed Energy Awards $6,000 in Scholarships

The Feed Energy 2020 Excellence in Agriculture scholarship winners were announced in January. Two undergraduate student scholarships and two graduate student scholarships of $1,500 each were awarded for the spring semester of 2021.

In the Undergrad category the recipients are Nick Battles - a senior at Iowa State University. Nick is from Indianola, IA and is completing Bachelor of Science majors in both Global Resource Systems and Agriculture and Society.

Employee Spotlight on Scott Cadwell
Scott, Interim Sioux City Plant Manager and Western Territory Account Manager, has been with Feed Energy for 21 years. He started in 2000 as an operator in Sioux City and was soon promoted to Supervisor. In 2012 he moved up to Plant Manager /Director of Processing. In 2016 his responsibilities expanded to overseeing the production of our new antibiotic free product ABF Advantage. Recognizing Scott’s outstanding people skills and product knowledge he was asked to join the sales team in 2017 where he has excelled.
Mahfuz Abdullah Presented His Study At The International Production Processing Expo
The International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) held their annual meeting in Atlanta, GA January 26-28, 2021. The Expo includes three shows – International Feed Expo, International Meat Expo and International Poultry Expo. The Expo showcases the latest technology, equipment, supplies, and services used in the production and processing of eggs, meat and poultry. According to their website the show’s attendance is more than 32,000 people from over 130 countries. This year due to the pandemic the event was held virtually.
Update on Our Sioux City Plant
Chris Snyder – Feed Energy CEO
May 1st will be the one-year anniversary of the fire that destroyed our Sioux City blending plant and a significant part of our tank farm. Combined with the impacts from the pandemic, it was a challenging year.

It was a year of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. A year of working with contractors, electricians, pipe fitters, tank builders and a variety of manufacturers to coordinate the arrival and installation of the various components of the new plant.
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